lizabeth continues to look into her predecessor's death. Isabelle tells she discovered that he had a bank account in Venezuela and that one of the persons who has access to it is Nadine. She confronts Nadine about who says she knows little about it. Elizabeth decides to go to Venezuela on a mission to convince the President to allow elections. When he refuses to let her come, Daisy says that if a baseball player who is of Venezuelan extraction comes with them, the President will allow them to come. So Elizabeth approves her plan. Before leaving Elizabeth instructs Matt to tell Russell what she wants him to know and see how he reacts. Elizabeth asks Stevie to take care of Allison while she and Henry are away. She lets Allison do what she wants but then decides to draw boundaries. When they go Venezuela, Elizabeth sends Nadine to check the account. And at a press conference, the baseball player makes an announcement that takes the spotlight off the President which he doesn't like and decides take out his frustration on Elizabeth.

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