ing Charles gives Hardwick Angelica's land for new clay-pits but denies him the house until he has captured Abe. Aware that Angelica's faithful servants will be condemned to work in the clay-pits Abe goes to London to seek out his father's old friend Colonel Sidney and they plot to assassinate the king but they are caught and imprisoned. Beth's ship is wrecked on the shore at Massachusetts and she is adopted by the Wawanaki tribe, led by Masca, with whom she mutually falls in love and goes native. In Boston Hope marries Cresswell to the dismay of Ned, who has returned to the New World. He begins an affair with her but are discovered by Cresswell who forbids them to meet on pain of death. In order to clear the natives off their land Cresswell , acting in collusion with Kohn Hawkins, makes a present of blankets to the Wawanaki but they are deliberately infected with small-pox. Lacking any immunity many of the tribe, including Masca, die. Realizing that Cresswell has deliberately murdered them she stabs him in the presence of Ned.

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