orrell survives the attempt to kill him by Lady Pole, who is taken away to be cared for by John and Mr Honeyfoot. Along with Jonathan he is summoned to use magic to cure the madness of king George but refuses. Jonathan, however, calls upon the spells of the Raven King as a cure, almost playing into the hands of the Gentleman, who tries to kill George to put Stephen on the throne. Childermass, unconscious after taking the bullet intended for Norrell, finds himself visiting Fairyland, the Raven King's domain, and so does Jonathan, who marvels at it. Norrell warns him it is the home of evil, dangerous magic, causing a rift between the two men. Jonathan gets a further summons from Wellington to help fight Bonaparte but the Gentleman uses Arabella to exact revenge on him for thwarting the attempt on King George's life.

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