itty goes to a hotel to see Elliot Vincent, who is actually the husband on whom she cheated and who makes her sign papers for a divorce. When he tricks her into thinking she can see her daughter he attacks her and she is saved by Miles, though she later rejects both his and Peter's attentions. The colonel is angry when shell-shocked young soldier Lawrie Prentiss is returned, now epileptic as he had told Margaret to give him a ticket home. In fact she hid the ticket and claimed to have lost it, a fact used by Matron to have her transferred to another hospital. A group of patients calling themselves the Lucky Thirteen arrives, believing themselves to survive provided that they all stay together. The eldest, whom the others call Dad, has pleurisy and Joan is anxious that he stays behind for treatment but the youngest member Charlie discovers that Joan has a German lover and uses it to blackmail her into allowing Dad to join the others when they leave the hospital.

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