fter being fired by the Powells, Marisol wonders how she's going to get the evidence that will help her son. While she's out with Rosie, they run into someone who knows Marisol. Marisol tries to cover but Rosie learns the truth about her and confronts her. She leaves angry and Marisol learns her secret; that she and Spence are... Valentina learns that Remi is using and he asks her to keep quiet. But she's not happy about it and when Zoila asks her what's going, Valentina tells her and Zoila tells her this is not his first time and to ask herself what is the right thing. And now that Carmen and Sam are together they go out and Carmen introduces him as her guy. And when he says that he's a domestic, she feels ashamed and asks him if he doesn't have any aspirations. And when he says he's happy as he is, she tells him he's wasting his life.

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