oung Kyle Connor has himself tattooed with his own original design before he and wheeler-dealer friend Budgie head off for a working holiday in the Cook Islands. Here Kyle persuades a reluctant Budgie to join him in drinking a forbidden local brew avatavi, provided by barman Dries, who warns them of the ghostly white lady of Manutaki. The drink causes Kyle to hallucinate, seeing a woman in a red dress who seems scared by his tattoo and runs away. Next day whilst swimming Kyle sees the same woman's drowned body but when the police look it has gone. Later he sees a photo of her in an old Maori's hut and learns from Maui Vaipiti and his girlfriend Lara that she is his sister Aumea, who is alive and well. Indeed Aumea does turn up - minus the tattoo she had in his vision - but Kyle is convinced that he has had a premonition and she will die unless he prevents it.

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