Los mejores episodios de la serie de televisión Kyle XY

Los 10 episodios mejor calificados de la serie de television Kyle XY de los 43 episodios de nuestro sitio de internet. Ranking basado en el promedio de las puntuaciones de IMDB y TMDB

"Kyle XY" Ghost in the Machine

Temporada 2, Capítulo 9

ori wants to prove her nerve by visiting a murder site, and ends up dragging the whole gang along as they realize it's near the abandoned Zyzzyx site. they find and enter the drain-like entrance. Kyle must save everyone, except Josh who keeps watch but really agonizes about telling Andy he loves her, and ends up exchanging this secret for her medical one. Meanwhile Kyle, whose memories 'from Baylin' interlace the episode, discovers they're really security recordings he downloaded. And those chose the warning against Foss isn't justified, in fact he saved Kyle from professor Kern, who turned on Adam.

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"Kyle XY" The Tell-Tale Heart

Temporada 3, Capítulo 8

osh first begs dad to let Andi stay with the Tragers, then proposes wedding to her, but neither agrees to more then consolation. Kyle cleverly helps Jessi to sneak into Cassidy's office, searching for clues what happened to Sarah, actually noticed only by Nate, who has a Latnock tattoo. Jessi catches a mystery bug, but braves it to stand a mind trip so Kyle can trigger subconscious clues, indicating blood on Cassidy's hands. Declan forces Lori and Hillary to face their rivalry over him, only to find they focus together on his new flame Jackie, with a surprising outcome.

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"Kyle XY" Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Temporada 3, Capítulo 9

or once encouraged by dad, Josh organizes a great evening for Andy, centered around her favorite Star Trek theme, still unsuspecting it's already their last together, which gets an intimate home finish. To gain Cassidy's confidence, Kyle helps Nate with a tricky challenge, brilliantly. Invited to Nate's room, Amanda discovers he has a confidential file on Sara. The Tragers find Jessi is obsessed with Sara's disappearance and the theory that Cassidy murdered her. Jessi promised to stay away but manages to intrude with excessive rudeness. Afterward, he's tricked to a meeting where Kyle has to stop her torturing him to death about Sara. But that has a sting too, involving their guardian angle Tom Foss.

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"Kyle XY" Hello...

Temporada 2, Capítulo 22

o Josh's surprise, Andy wants to celebrate her remission by joining the prom. Organizing it with Andy remains a nightmare for Amanda and her dubiously helpful friend Hilary. Even if that requires fake dates with actual Seniors, easily fixed: Amanda and Kyle, but funding a money-pit that even Declan's long preparations could barely handle in a matter of hours is a daunting task, especially now Kyle is unavailable. Sara, implores Kyle to protect her against her ex Brian and his ambition to rejoin Latnoc's program. Kyle decides to talk Jessi out of the meeting that Brian set up at Latnoc (feeling she's finally ready) by promising her the coveted reunion with her mother (although she doesn't want Kyle to find her mother). While Declan helps Kyle search, Jessi helps Josh win radio contests and breaks up with Brian, so the Trager family considers taking her in. While the prom planning takes several twists, Tom pays Brian an ominous surprise visit.

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"Kyle XY" Kyle Got Game

Temporada 1, Capítulo 7

hen Amanda's boyfriend Charlie sees Kyle's naturally almost infallible basketball shot, pure maths and physics, he asks him on his Bisons school team, which includes initially unamused Declan, who got off with 50 hours community service but hates Lori and Hillary blatantly rivaling even for him. Slick Josh teaches Kyle some cool lingo and outfit, killer shots get him in a week before the Seattle AAU Classic final. Mother Trager and Tom Foss, who prepares an injection and gun, worry about Kyle's intuitive memory picture of missing professor William Kern, now reported on TV to have been found in the woods, dead since four months; SPD detective Jason Breen assures her the police believes Kern was just killed by a 'junkie', actually it was Foss's late boss. Josh smells easy money as bookie and provides basketball books, soon Kyle even aces the hardest Jordan moves. The crude, boasting nonsensical 'winner talk' is lost on Kyle, but he enjoys the game until last minute rudeness kicks in; when the Neanderthal coach insists Declan should keep playing on a badly hurt knee or be thrown from the team, Kyle starts a solidarity walk-off 'we are injured too', so the Bisons forfeit the final. Josh can't afford loosing $200, pa refuses to help even when told he never, ever was nearly as enthusiastic over anything his real son did as now over Kyle's one game sports achievement. The girls make up, neither really appreciates Declan or basketball. In a nightmare, Kyle remembers Foss shooting Kern...

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"Kyle XY" Bringing Down the House

Temporada 3, Capítulo 10

osh is furious to find Andi sneaked out at night without a proper goodbye. Seeing his tough act can't cover up how miserable that makes him, Declan finds a way to fix that. Now Jessi is playing dead, even help from Amanda, who found out about Nate helping Cassidy spying on Kyle, is needed. But Cassidy sees trough the ploy and shows Kyle new pods to repeat Adam's experiment under Latnok instructions, and adds his ma is a co-founder, and more. Kyle is offered 'his freedom' but decides to try at all cost to sabotage the project, especially when it turns out even crueler and more ambitious. Meanwhile Jessi needs to learn to control feelings for Kyle and accept his true love for Amanda is mutual. Mark becomes crucial.

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"Kyle XY" Pilot

Temporada 1, Capítulo 1

boy appears in the world in his birthday suit, only alone in the woods, as an adolescent without any memories, history or even a belly-button, only some instincts, as if he wasn't even born, and enough dexterity to handle a rattle-snake bare-handed. Just for being naked in public, he's handcuffed and committed to juvenile detention, where employee Lou Daniels renames the 'John Doe' Kyle, after his own brightest son, for he shows as much intelligence as lack of education in everything, from using daily objects to human behavior, a painful learning process among cocky thugs. Psychologist Nicole Trager takes Kyle home 'till Monday' as she promises kind husband Stephen. Their own kids, who weren't consulted at all, are understandably all but eager to take in and help caring for another of ma's stray weirdos, but gradually discover Kyle's clumsiness is just lack of experience, his nature as kind as his IQ high. Young Josh shows an open mind, quickly finds his new bunking buddy fascinating and makes friends. Even arrogant daughter Lori learns to respect Kyle, who follows her to an orgiastic party -hell for him- where she sees her boyfriend Declan make out with another, and is surprisingly saved at a police raid by Kyle, who does an amazing job learning on the spot and shows striking talents, such as working with computers, picking up English and self-defense beyond the trained cop's arresting skills. Then ma asks a family vote whether Kyle, professionally an unprecedented challenge for her, may stay longer...

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"Kyle XY" Free to Be You and Me

Temporada 2, Capítulo 7

osh is not only banned from the school dance, he even gets cleaning duty including that day just for borrowing a dead man's car radio waiting for Kyle to fix his, which Jessi ends up doing. However bigot principal Bradford Hooper forbids same-sex couples to attend, and after Nicole's vivid protest extends the banishment as punishment for 'civil disobedient' protest by Andy, Lori and Hilly to her 'hoodlum family' boys Josh and even Kyle who had a hall pass from an understanding teacher. Amanda thanks Kyle for getting her a piano and invites him to the alternative dance Andy organizes with most of the cool crowd, but he desperately needs a dance lesson- from grand moves-master Josh. Lori is ready to make up with Declan, but he is now more drawn to Jessi, who taught she was following 'sister' Emily's instructions to make friends -meaning Kyle, she also makes sure new Madacorp colleague Steven knows about them- but is forbidden in vain to see him again. Andy keeps toying cruelly with Josh, as if he were a bigot like Charlie, but ends up kissing the unbroken cutie, who gets to show his worth as dancer and for once Kyle's teacher. After the party, Declan and Kyle come clean again to both's uneasy relief.

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"Kyle XY" It Happened One Night

Temporada 3, Capítulo 1

fter their prom, Kyle finds Amanda disappeared, and picking up a Latnock ring electrocutes him badly enough to be abducted himself. Kyle escapes, establishes she's not at home and returns to the premises, but she's not there. Jessi senses his anxiety and defers going away with Sara to help Kyle find and free Amanda, although that adds to his troubles controlling her ill temper. At the after-party, Josh is miserable because he didn't mean it when telling Andy he still only wants to cuddle, Declan and Lori because they doubt if breaking up was wise. Kyle ultimately discovers the abduction's true purpose.

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"Kyle XY" I've Had the Time of My Life

Temporada 2, Capítulo 23

dam tells Kyle he asked Latnoc to give them both some space and encourages him to enjoy the prom, which is clearly a big deal for the Trager kids and their friends. Even Jessi helps Amanda, before leaving with Sara. Josh and Steven wrestle with Andy's after-party expectations, but come to the wrong conclusion. Declan leaves the choice whether to get back together to hesitant Lori, who discovers Mark is only 19 and interested in her.

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Kyle XY

A Seattle family takes in an amnesiac teen (Dallas), whom they eventually learn has mysterious powers and psychic abilities, the result of a secret human cloning experiment conducted years earlier. The family helps teach Kyle human behaviors such as anger, joy and love, and guards him against forces who seek to use Kyle for their own nefarious purposes.
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