anjo Mikisaburo is a young samurai trying to restore his ruined family to its past glory. Enduring the contempt and disdain of high-ranking samurai, Mikisaburo devotes himself to the way of the warrior, mastering the literary and martial arts. His master Kurahashi Jupeita's daughter Misao feels for Mikisahuro who maintains his pride in the face of the arrogant samurai's scorn. She sympathizes with and encourages him. However this sympathy ignites a passionate love for her in Mikisaburo. One day Mikisaburo's mother is walking along the road. Hayami Genzaburo, the son of a chief retainer, and his escorts are galloping on horseback. Genzaburo's horse kicks Mikisaburo's mother and she dies. Next, Mikisaburo returns home to find that his sister has been violated by Genzaburo. Finally, the object of Mikisaburo's love, Misao, becomes Genzaburo's wife. His mother, his sister, and finally Misao. Mikisaburo's young blood boils and flows backwards.

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