n an alpine valley lies an idyllic village. High up in the mountains, facing each others across live two men: a "good grandpa" and an "evil man". The first is herbe picker Kosobirin, the other Bedanc is a poacher. The latter has a girl servant Mojca who, one day, meeting Kosobrin, tells him of her difficult life. Although in great fear of Bedanc's revenge, the old man takes her with him. Unfortunatley, he does get caught by Bedanc, who ties him on tree. Kosobrin is freed by Kekec, young cheerful and brave boy. Bedanc catches him too but promises to let him go if he helps him find the "wretched girl" Mojca. Kekec refuses the deal. Kekec's father and a herdsman, looking for Kekec in mountains, find his bag and presume that he has been bushed down by an eagle. Bedanc grabs Kosobrin anew. Costumed by fear, Kosobrin loses consciounsess, while Bedanc runs away because he belives he has killed the man. Kekec appears and hauls the unconscious man across the rock wall. Bedanc is sneaking around, waiting to find the secret shaft leading to Kosobrin's cottage. Eventually he finds the shaft and begins to pull himself through... But there in the dark Kekec sets an owl on him, wich scares Bedanec terribly. He rushes out of the shaft, slips down and hangs in the air, over the abyss. When he gives a promise that he will never come back again, Kekec saves him. Indeed Bedanec sets his cottage on fire and leaves the country. Kekec returns to his village, where he is greeted cherfully by all the people.

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