uring a stormy night in the countryside, Cleci wakes her husband Anastácio Fortuna to close the window of their room. He sees that something has fallen on their chicken house and killed two chickens, and he brings the circular object home. The next morning, Cleci reads on the news that a Sputnik is missing and might have fallen on Earth. Based on the picture of the satellite, they conclude that the object is the sputnik. Anastácio sneaks out of the house with the object and goes to the bank Caixa Econômica Federal to pledge the object and raise some money to repair the chicken house. However, the attendant Dorinha calls her boy-friend Nelson that works in the newspaper Tribuna da Cidade under the pseudonym Jacinto Boucha, covering the social column, and he sees the chance of a scoop that could raise his career. However, the snoopy and unethical reporter Alberto hears the conversation in an phone extension and releases the news on the front page. Anastácio becomes famous and has an immediate social ascension to high society, moving to the Copacabana Palace Hotel, while the Russian, North American and French governments send their agents to Brazil to get the sputnik at any cost.

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