n 1941 the Italian and British forces face one another.Italian army Captain Blasi and his troops manage to capture a British unit composed of British army Major Richardson and his men.Initially,it looks like a great feat for the Italians and a humiliation for the British.However,the British don't know the true sorry state in which the Italian forces,in full retreat,find themselves.A desperate Captain Blasi decides to allow Major Richardson escape in return for Richardson's word that he will try and persuade his superiors to allow Captain Blasi and his Italian unit retreat without any difficulties or further harassment.Not only the British Major escapes but he returns with a superior British unit and takes Captain Blasi and his men prisoner.Blasi considers this to be a personal affront and a total lack of gentlemanly conduct from the part of Major Richardson.Now in captivity,Blasi decides to make Richardson's task of guarding the Italians an impossible one.

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