ire: It was the first of our great magiks: It consumes, it bites, it even dies. It provides light in the Darkness. Warmth in the cold. Transforms dampness into dryness. It preserves food, can transmute the inedible into sustenance. It provides protection against the unknown, and is the original weapon of mass destruction. It is likely that prehistoric man saw fire as all this and more, possibly even as a type of god. Part of the great Fire that travels the sky. 80,000 years ago, Amoukar carelessly extinguishes the single advantage his small tribe has in their dangerous world; their Fire. Without it's protection against the beasts, the stronger Neanderthals, the cold, the damp, and other the innumerable dangers, their already perilous existence threatens to wink out. With his tribe on the verge of extinction, Amoukar sets out on a quest to locate and return with the rarest and most dangerous of creatures: Fire.

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