he game takes place roughly 100 years after "Majora's Mask" and is described on the back of the box as being before the first two games, as these characters are the "predecessors of Link and Zelda." Long ago, seven wise men (sages) sealed Ganondorf/Ganon (the same person, except Ganon is his immortal, godly form) in the Golden Realm, which he eventually turned into the 'Dark World.' A strange sorcerer appeared in the land of Hyrule and magically solved all of the land's problems. He was appointed the King's top advisor, however, he ultimately turned on Hyrule, brainwashed the guards, overthrew the king, and took over the land. He started to capture the current sages, descendant of the originals, and transport them to the Dark World. One night, Link hears the voice of Zelda, princess of Hyrule and the leader of the sages, calling him telepathically from inside a Hyrule Castle dungeon. His uncle goes to investigate, and against orders, Link follows. His uncle is harmed, and Link takes on the responsibly to rescue the princess from the dungeon. As the plot develops, is turns out that the sorcerer (Aghnahiem) is actually a servant of Ganondorf/Ganon, and soon the Light and Dark worlds will merge, and Ganondorf/Ganon will rule them both. When Zelda is captured again, Link must gain the three pendants of the land, brandish the mythical Master Sword, and take on Agnahiem. This only begins his quest, as he now must journey to the very heart of the darkness, the Dark World, rescue the maidens, and slay Ganondorf/Ganon.

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