ut down the funny pages and take a peak into the world of Tim Warner, creator and artist of the world famous "The Silver Lining," the daily comic strip that warms America's heart with its insight and whimsy. Fans and critics unite with universal praise for Tim's inspired genius! Taking us into his childhood, then through the controversial "Silver Hell" period, and out on the town for an anything-but-typical day, "Tim Warner : A Life in the Clouds" serves as the ultimate retrospective on Tim Warner and his amazing and wonderful - OH NO! Tim WAS on top of the world until a new edgier strip kicks the Silver Lining right into the Obituaries (literally!). From out of the shadows emerges a bloodthirsty rival who will do anything to take Tim and his "pansy-ass" strip DOWN. Both cartoonists will collide head to head in an epic battle where anything goes. Fists will fly, teeth will gnash, paper will be crumpled, and only one man (and his cartoon) will emerge the victor. Does every cloud have a silver lining? Or will this be the end of Tim Warner and his life in the clouds?

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