fter a long night of wandering, Fred wakes up in the middle of nowhere, baked by the Texas sun. Stumbling home, he finds his friends Bill and Duck are none too happy that he missed his own going away party. But something mysterious happened the night before. Fred is ready to tackle his demons and stay in town-to face the mistakes of his life and make them right. Little does he know that his announced departure has created a maelstrom of unrest amongst his friends-a breeding ground for truth. Walking into a hornet's nest of revelations, the friends he thought he knew turn Fred's world upside down. In the wake of this extraordinary day, four life-long friends say the words they've never had the courage to say, and learn truths about themselves and each other that will change the nature of their relationships forever. "It's kind of like therapy, only with guns and booze." A story about finding truth and self-worth by any means necessary, an unusual love rectangle which takes viewers into the depths of a small town in Texas, where on the surface values appear simple. The paths of four friends overlook different, but intersecting horizons. Eyes are opened and one is left on the road to an uncertain destiny. Midlothia was shot on location in Midlothian, TX, a small town south of Dallas known as the cement capitol of Texas.

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