t is a cold winter in the beautiful city of Chicago. The streets are filled with people, laughing,, crying, kissing, begging for food. Here, the stories of three young women form different backgrounds intersect. Julie, a headstrong South American immigrant, drives a taxi cab through the busy streets in hopes that she will find her mother who abandoned her as a child. Elsewhere, in the back of a packed theater Olivia quietly watches her childhood friend Sally perform an Avant-Garde stage performance. Conflicted between friendship and love, Sally and Olivia have gone their separate ways; their once-close relationship severed. While Olivia's strict Japanease parents pay for her to attend an American fine art school during the day, she secretly takes to the streets at night to work as an escort. Sally yearns to reconnect with Olivia but refuses to part with her ever-supportive boyfriend, Jack. She is also haunted by memories of her abusive stepbrother who was sent to prison for murdering her father. As the three women work and live in the city, they are each confronted by new hardships. Each must deal with the choices she has made and the cards she has been dealt in life. After hitting bottom, each character finds that the Chicago streets continue to bustle; and despite coming from different places and cultures, they are all connected by commonality of Human experience in the Moden world.

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