unie Starr's daddy has a problem: Coach Pop Jurgensen, mentor to the hottest football prospect in the state, Roderick Banks, has had to cancel his purchase of a home. This cancellation is due to the sad fact that Roderick's mother must move out of state to receive treatment for a vascular condition in one of her legs. Since Brad Starr (Junie's dad) was brokering the sales transaction, he's going to miss out on a needed commission, and that, combined with his deepening depression over the recent sudden loss of his wife (Junie's mom), has brought him close to the end of his emotional tether. Enter Faith, a vivacious new found friend to support Junie in her quest to fix her daddy's problem. The two embark on an ethically dubious yet innocent fund raising campaign and then set out for the big city in hopes of delivering an appeal to Mrs. Banks to try and keep her close to home. Through trial and prayer, Junie's adventure unfolds and transcends the bounds of her normal childhood existence with amazing results that bring Junie one step closer to understanding the cycle of life and dealing with the loss of her mommy.

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