ased in Pallanhar, Uttar Pradesh, Devkinandan lives with his father, Sankataprasad; mother; grandmother; and a sister. He graduates with honors, gets employed in the Meteorological Department in Mumbai, and re-locates there, where he gets to share a room with a pimp, Madan Khachak, and attempts to adjust to life in this city. During the Ganesh Utsav, he gets paid leave for 10 days, returns home where his parents get him married to Mithilesh Kumar Dubey - a woman who he remembers had a runny nose as a child - and returns back without even spending time with her. Shortly thereafter, his parents, sister, and his wife arrive there and find Madan reprehensible so much so that they cut short their visit and return home - but Mithilesh decides to stay with him. He then decides to take her out to a movie, and leaves her near the entrance of their building. When he returns he is unable to locate her, and subsequently finds that she has been arrested by the Jogeshwari (East) Police for prostitution. Inspector Khote asks him to produce proof that they are in fact married. With no marriage certificate, Devkinandan then asks his parents to get wedding pictures as proof of his marriage. They do dramatically arrive with a large number of village residents, and do produce wedding photographs - but alas - in all photographs both his and his wife's faces are veiled. With Khote unconvinced, it looks like the couple have no choice but face public embarrassment and humiliation.

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