nne has just been acquitted in court and her uncle, Charles Underhill is not a happy man. He feels that her brush with the law will reflect badly on him and is of the view that the only reason she got off was because of his reputation as an upstanding citizen. Underhill doesn't think much of young people, questioning their constant attempt at rebellion. On the way home he has a problem with his car and is assisted by a teenager, Len, who then asks for a ride to the next town. Len is constantly talking about reform school and his "friend" who is good with a knife. Underhill becomes alarmed and purposely speeds in order to be stopped by the police. He tries to explain to the officer that Len is threatening, but there is no evidence to support that claim. He does however get a summons for court and is now really worried about his reputation. Len however presents him with an easy solution to his problem that tests his moral resolve and his self-righteous attitude.

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