atrick Thomas McNulty, an obnoxious blow-hard who has an opinion for every possible situation and topic there is. People find him insufferable: his co-workers, the regulars at the bar he frequents, his boss as well. McNulty submits a grocery list of suggestions to really turn Cooper Corporations around. His boss, Mr. Cooper, dislikes his ideas wanting to keep his business simple. Cooper discards McNulty, along with all of his ideas. Patrick returns to his local watering hole. The bartender Joe has a talk with McNulty, trying to help him realize that the problem may be McNulty's personality, and the fact that he is responsible for alienating everybody. However, he doesn't drive everyone away tonight. There's one strange little man in a bar who seems as desolate and lonely as he is. A bizarre foreign man by the name of Potts. Well, misery loves company. Patrick buys him a beer. Potts is touched. These poor two seem to be made for each other. Patrick offers him the gift of friendship. For making such an offer, Potts gives back the gift of a family heirloom - a old time stopwatch. McNulty finds plenty of uses for the gift of stopping time. After an attempt to market the little gizmo fails, he uses it to get revenge of his former boss and co-workers. He realizes that the only way he's ever gonna get respect if he gets money and lots of it. He uses the supernatural stopwatch to rob a bank. He stops it just as they're opening the vault. And just as he's walking away with an overflowing cart of cash, his pocket-watch falls out of his pocket...

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