ertrude is Samantha's slightly klutzy, Plain Jane of a woman, and self-effacing friend who wants a boyfriend and eventually get married. To help her, Samantha wants Darrin to set her up with one of his friends, most specifically his art department co-worker, Kermit. Darrin doesn't think Kermit is in the market for a wife or even a steady girlfriend as he is known to play the field, but Darrin asks him anyway. When Kermit and Gertrude hit it off immediately, Darrin is convinced that Gertrude is a witch who cast a spell over Kermit if only because a Kermit/Gertrude match is not obvious on the surface. So when Kermit and Gertrude seem to becoming serious in their relationship, Darrin does whatever he can to steer Kermit away from Gertrude. Wanting happiness for her mortal friend, Samantha does whatever she can to thwart Darrin's actions.

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