unt Clara's friend Bertha secretly confides in Samantha that Aunt Clara's witchcraft is not what it used to be and that helping her transition into a mortal life may be what is in the cards. Both Samantha and Darrin welcome Aunt Clara into their house with open arms to help her make that transition. Although she is unaware of Bertha's talk with Samantha, Aunt Clara does embrace her "mortal" time with Samantha and Darrin and their friends, which leads to a babysitting stint. Samantha believes that Aunt Clara has found her niche in mortal life by doing this babysitting, which she loves. But while Aunt Clara being open about witches and witchcraft may excite and intrigue her young charges, it may bring out the worst in their parents who, if they found out, might see Aunt Clara as being unfit for the job as babysitter.

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