ladys catches Samantha using witchcraft to move some paintings on the wall. Samantha can't deny Gladys what she saw, Gladys who believes Samantha is from outer space because of her powers. But rather than admit that she's a witch, Samantha instead convinces Gladys that she herself moved the paintings using ESP. Over the course of the next day, a series of near coincidences makes Gladys believe that she does indeed have the gift and that she can do anything just if she puts her mind to it. Abner has had enough of Gladys' crazed beliefs, while Darrin, when he finds out what happened, talks Samantha into reconvincing Gladys that she doesn't have any powers. This task may be difficult for Samantha as Gladys is a very determined woman. The only way Samantha may be able to talk Gladys into not continuing with this path is to scare her to death in conjunction with use of those so-called powers.

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