amantha's planned relaxing Sunday with Darrin doesn't come off quite according to plan when Darrin gets distracted by Danger O'Riley, their innocently seductive neighbor Pleasure O'Riley's younger but equally innocently seductive sister who is house-sitting while Pleasure is on her honeymoon. Seeing how neglected Samantha feels while Darrin attends to Danger's needs, Endora decides to enlist one of Samantha's old beaus, George, to come and re-sweep her off her feet in turn taking her way from her humdrum mortal life. But when George arrives on the scene, he isn't sure if it's Samantha he wants or Danger. And when Darrin finds out who George is, he feels he has to warn Danger against George. But in this four sided set of relationships, it isn't clear who wants who or who needs to be warned about who.

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