amantha has befriended Marshall Burns, a little boy who lives down the street. Samantha feels sorry for Marshall because he has no friends, primarily because his over protective widowed mother is so afraid that Marshall will get hurt or injured that she doesn't let him do anything, including play with other boys his age. Despite Mrs. Burns not appreciating what she sees as Samantha's interference with regard to Marshall, Samantha takes Marshall to Little League tryouts. Marshall doesn't really know how to play baseball well since he has had no experience, so Samantha uses a little witchcraft to help him excel in the sport if only to boost his confidence. But when Mrs. Burns won't let Marshall play even after he makes the team, Samantha and Darrin have to try and convince her that she has to let Marshall do what little boys do or else have him try to run away time and time again like he already has tried to do, and even if he does get the occasional scraped knee or bloody nose in the process. And Samantha has to learn to let Marshall succeed or fail on his own.

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