ocal junior college student Liza Randall chooses Darrin as the subject for her college newspaper article and thesis. Samantha can tell that Liza has a crush on Darrin, something to which he seems oblivious or at least thinks it's all in harmless fun. Who else is not oblivious to Liza's wants is Marvin 'Monster' Grogan, Liza's hulking football player of a fiancé, who knows that Liza always gets what Liza wants. But as Monster explains the situation as he sees it to Samantha, Monster begins to see why Liza would be attracted to someone more mature as he begins to have those feelings for Samantha. While Samantha and Darrin try to fend off the unwanted overt advances of their younger crushes, but secretly enjoy the more subtle puppy love styled adoration from them, Liza and Monster have to decide who they really want.

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