hat was going to be the Stephens' quiet Thanksgiving dinner for three turns into four with the unexpected arrival of Aunt Clara. Aunt Clara, who is reminiscing about the first Thanksgiving, instead decides she'd rather spend it with her friends that settled in Plymouth. Her incantation to get herself there unexpectedly takes everyone else in her vicinity there as well, which includes Samantha, Darrin, Tabatha, and Gladys Kravitz, who just happened into the room. But getting home may be more difficult if only because Aunt Clara not only zapped them to Plymouth, she zapped them to Plymouth just in time for the first Thanksgiving. Luckily Gladys Kravitz believes it's all a dream. As Aunt Clara tries to remember the incantation to get them back, the others get caught up in celebrating the first Thanksgiving with the likes of Miles Standish and John Alden. But Darrin is concerned about the anti-witch talk among some of the men. It isn't Samantha and Aunt Clara however about who he has to be worried.

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