s she has just run into him in Paris, Endora comes up with the idea that bringing Samantha's old boyfriend Rollo back into the picture is a good way to destroy Samantha and Darrin's marriage. Endora meets Darrin's latest client, perfumer Bo Callahan, who, a little rough around the edges, rubs Endora the wrong way. Despite thinking Callahan gauche, Endora believes the perfect place to bring Rollo back into the picture is a business dinner Samantha and Darrin will be hosting for Callahan among others at their house. She expects Rollo to use whatever means to win Samantha back, including his infamous love potion, which makes the imbiber fall madly in love with the person physically closest for one hour. Complications ensue when the drink with the love potion that was meant for Samantha gets in the wrongs hands. What starts as Rollo's attempt to win Samantha back turns into a love fest between the most unlikely of the dinner guests. But the most unlikely coupling may be Callahan and Endora. Samantha contemplates leaving Endora in her current state for the hour the potion lasts, until she learns what Endora plans to do in that hour.

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