amantha is excited by Darrin's news: he is about to sign what may be the biggest account of his career, Larry is giving him a big bonus because of it, and they can use the money for the cruise to Bermuda they've dreamed of taking. Samantha's excitement is tempered when she later learns that she's lost her powers, about which Darrin is unaware. Dr. Bombay's diagnosis: she's temporarily lost her powers due to non-use of her witchcraft, which is making those powers "dam" up, which in turn will eventually explode. To recover, Samantha has to do one of the basics of witchcraft, namely levitate or "fly". Concurrently, Darrin learns that the account may be in jeopardy because the client company's lawyer, M.J. Nilesmunster, is "Mary Jane", an old girlfriend from a long time ago who then vowed revenge on Darrin, she who is required to sign the contract. After Darrin telephones home telling Samantha not to book the trip yet, Endora eventually grabs the phone to tell Darrin that Samantha can no longer talk since she has become busy "flying". So when Darrin sees a fly buzzing around the meeting room, he is convinced that the fly is Samantha who has come to place a spell on M.J. to sign the contract by erasing any memory of Darrin from her past. M.J. does sign. Darrin believes this self-serving move by Samantha is a potentially marriage ending one, while Darrin not believing that she was not that fly is also potentially marriage ending for Samantha. Will anything or anyone convince either of them otherwise?

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