amantha and Darrin have decided to bring Tabatha up on the notion of a mortal Halloween, which also means her first ever trick or treating experience in costume. To get Tabatha to sleep on the night before Halloween, Samantha reads a Halloween story to her, that story which contains a magical goblin, gremlin and Jack O'Lantern. Although Samantha believes the story has gotten Tabatha to sleep, it has instead got her excited about new friends, the gremlin, goblin and Jack O'Lantern which she zaps out of the book into real life. On Halloween night, Samantha takes Tabatha out trick or treating while Darrin stays at home. Tabatha's three new friends join Samantha and Tabatha, Samantha who believes they are just three mortal children. When Samantha finds out that the three are creatures out of the book - after which they've caused some mischief in the neighborhood with their magic - Samantha has to get them all home and get Tabatha to put them back in the book. Complications ensue when this all has to be done under the eyes of Larry and Louise, who are over for dinner, and as Samantha gets the Jack O'Lantern from the book mixed up with Gladys Kravitz's nephew Tommy who is also dressed as a Jack O'Lantern.

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