ith 99 by his side as CONTROL's official staff liaison, Max goes undercover as a student at CONTROL's training school to find who at the school is a KAOS mole. Even the school's Dean Watson and the new head teacher, Brit Hillary Gainsborough, are unaware of Max's true identity and his purpose for being at the school. Max and 99 believe that one of three trainees, Grillak, Zukor or Dimitri, all three who were sent to the school by CONTROL's European division, is the KAOS mole. Max figures that he can determine which of the three is the mole by matching a certain characteristic listed in each of their official student files with the person purportedly being that person. But it may not be an easy task for Max. What's worse for him is the the mole has discovered Max's true identity and is thus out to kill him.

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