aomi Farkas is the Smarts' overly friendly and nosy next door neighbor. However, what they don't know is that Naomi and her slob of a husband Emil are a pair of KAOS agents and that her brother, KAOS district manager Arnold Borgia, have assigned the bickering couple to spy on Max and 99, even to the point of bugging their apartment. They hear that Max has invited the Chief over for dinner and when he arrives they find out two things; after the Chief leaves the Smarts' apartment he will be heading to the Pentagon with a list of KAOS defectors and that the Smarts have no dessert, which the Chief loves. Naomi then offers 99 some chocolate mousse that has been laced with a small amount of poison to cause everyone to leave the room so that she and Emil can photograph the list and, hopefully, get a huge bonus from her brother.

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