awkeye and Trapper are Tokyo-bound, Frank is jealous; but Trapper wants 3 days without amputating something. Father and Henry bring shopping lists but Radar brings news of more casualties. Thirty-six hours and 473 cases later (an all time record) Henry tells the officers about an unusual radio call Radar took from the Chinese. The Chinese have 9 shot-up GIs they are willing to free...but only if unarmed doctors, a corpsman and a driver travel 9 miles into Chinese territory in one vehicle to retrieve the GIs. All must be totally without weaponry. Margaret and Frank do not trust the offer; Margaret, as ever, worries about rape; Frank distrusts "the yellow horde." Hawkeye believes the Chinese know they treat their wounded well and they are trying to give their GIs a break. Radar is to drive the bus with two doctors, Hawkeye and Trapper and the volunteer corpsman, Klinger. Smelling a commendation, Hotlips urges Frank to volunteer and arms him with all kinds of courage. Five Americans meet a group of Chinese armed with Russian weaponry. Is this an elaborate hoax or a fool's errand? Or is it a group of men, doing something decent in the middle of a giant indecency?

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