adar wakes Colonel Potter for a phone call from I Corp: there has been a shake up and General Imbrie is replacing Gen. Hammond. Imbrie wants to see all of his COs immediately in Seoul. Major Chuckles has a runny nose so Colonel Potter hands the reigns to his senior surgeon, Captain Pierce. At 0600 the next morning, the new CO muses on why executions are at dawn: who wants to live at 0600 hours? Radar starts pushing paper at the new 4077 CO, Klinger is angling for that elusive Section 8 and the CO just wants to have a drink and nap. The problems mount: Father reports blankets leave 4077 with the wounded but never return, Radar follows Commander Pierce with a clipboard and bunches of forms. Major Chuckles whines, the nurses squabble, Margaret bristles and a surgeon goes off to an aid station to rescue the buddy of Cpl. Hough, a new casualty driven to the 4077. Hawkeye is worried; Commander Pierce is furious. A sudden onslaught of wounded leaves the new CO with 1.5 surgeons. Margaret congratulates her new CO for surviving but is amazed to hear him, of all people, go Army clown on her. She laughs, asking him what Frank would say if he could see CO Pierce. Everyone is ecstatic when Colonel Potter returns. After he talks his former CO off the emotional ledge, he whips out Radar's paperwork, boots Klinger, deals with Margaret and reunites two old friends. Who knew the Reign of Pierce would be a piercing reign? Hawkeye has new respect and appreciation for the talents and even temperament which are the true pillar from which the individual lunatics and madmen operate M*A*S*H 4077, the unit second to none.

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