t's Christmas at the 4077th, but not everyone is merry. Father Mulcahy writes a letter to his sister at the mission, stating he feels he is misused, misled and misunderstood. He had a chain of bad luck that day when, attempting to assist in O.R., a patient nearly strangles him. Radar's mother back home is attempting to deliver a calf and is in need of words from a priest. Father Mulcahy unsuccessfully attempts to help but it would appear she needs a doctor more. Charles is reluctantly called to assist. That night, a wounded soldier turns violent. He shoves Margaret and, strikes Mulcahy when he attempted to calm the man. With a swill of emotions, Mulcahy strikes the man back, lamenting is immediately after. The M*A*S*H Christmas party takes off without a hitch. B.J. dresses as Santa Claus and the orphanage children have a super time. It's even a merry Christmas for Charles when Radar presents him with his gift: his old toboggan cap from when he was a lad. Charles was touched, and it was in fact Father Mulcahy who thought of acquiring the gift for him. The camp joins Mulcahy in singing "Dona Noblis Pacem" and all is well...Until an ambulance arrives baring tidings of wounded.

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