he Seraph youth Doctor Zee sees Commander Adama to explain that he is experiencing dreams. Adama shows no particular concern, but when Doctor Zee explains that his dream involves a mysterious Colonial warrior named Starbuck, Adama realizes there is something very real in Zee's dream. In the dream, the Colonial Fleet has come under unusually savage attack from Cylon raiders, and Starbuck's viper takes a grave hit, though he succeeds in shooting down a Cylon raider that loses power and crashes onto a nearby planet. Boomer tries to stay with Starbuck, but the Fleet is in such grave danger that Starbuck tells his close friend to save himself and the Fleet. As Starbuck's crippled viper drifts toward the nearby solar system, Boomer is driven to tears that his close friend will never be seen again, and after landing on the besieged Galactica pleads with Commander Adama to try and rescue Starbuck. But the Cylons have succeeded in annihilating much of the Fleet, and it is all Adama can do to keep the surviving ships going when the Cylon armada finally breaks off and retreats. Boomer bitterly thanks Adama for his honesty, and Adama is driven to tears himself. As for Starbuck, he crashes on a desert planet and survives, but upon exploring his newfound home world, he encounters a crashed Cylon raider. After setting up shelter, Starbuck makes an effort to reactivate a Cylon centurion, and succeeds. The centurion, which Starbuck names Cy, tries to kill Starbuck but is deactivated each time he tries, and as the two beings converse, an understanding begins to develop, until one fateful day Cy decides that Starbuck requires a human woman, and treks through the desert to find one. Starbuck tries to pursue, to no avail, but after giving up, Starbuck is aghast when Cy returns, carrying a bedraggled woman who is very pregnant. The woman refuses to speak as Starbuck talks to her, but eventually she begins speaking, and identifies herself as Angella, explaining that the child she is carrying is Starbuck's spiritual child. Starbuck and Cy then hastily build a spacecraft so all three of them can escape the planet, but Angella gives birth to a healthy infant boy. Trouble then arrives a few days later when a Cylon raider lands on the planet and its three centurions, weapons ready, close on the shelter of Starbuck, Cy, Angella, and their child.

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