he precinct prepares for the president's visit, calling a summit of the various gang leader's in the hopes the president can get in and out of the city without being killed or putting the city's citizens at risk. But tempers flare as rival gangs find out whose territory the president will visit, and whose he won't. Division decides that the city's police stations need "sprucing up." The Hill is first on the list for official department decorator Grace Gardner, a fiery redhead who immediately clashes with Sargent Phil Esterhaus. He'd rather see the money spent on real issues for the department. Hill and Renko return to the job after several weeks in the hospital, but can't come to terms with working together again. Bobby admits he's scared after the shooting, and Renko can't seem to forgive Bobby for not ever coming to visit him in the hospital. Belker makes it a priority to bring in the two rapists who continue to assault women in St. James Park. New uniformed cops Harris and Fuentes let a good bust go to their heads, and when the roust a group of Latino men moving out of an apartment and accuse them of actually stealing someone's furniture, the two cops are jumped. When they organize the rest of the cops to help them with "softball practice" where they intend to take baseball bats back to the community and recover their guns, Furillo shuts it down. Furrillo's personal problems persist when he gets served by his ex-wife to pay more child support, and he can't find the time to actually meet with Joyce Davenport for more than an hour at a time.

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