fter another loss by the Red Sox, this time to the Yankees, Carla vows for the umpteenth time that she is no longer a fan. She shows that she is all hot air as usual when a man named Big Ed, a Yankees fan from New York, comes into the bar denigrating the Bosox and Bostonians for supporting the Bosox. When Big Ed starts in on Sam the ex-big time Bosox player who is now "the drunk", Carla has had it with his insults, and physically assaults Big Ed. He in turn threatens to sue unless Sam fires Carla. Sam is in a conundrum as he considers Carla a friend, but she has let her anger get the better of her too many times and if he doesn't do as Eddie requests, he could lose the bar. Sam and Diane convince Carla to see a therapist to deal with her anger issues. To save Carla's job and the bar, Sam too has to convince Ed that in Carla doing so, she is dealing with the issue, and Carla in turn has to demonstrate to Ed that she is both remorseful and changed, which is a tall order since she has had decades of mean ingrained into her. Meanwhile, another bar patron named Fred is celebrating the death of yet another wealthy unliked sibling who nonetheless deeds his/her money to him. And Coach demonstrates how and why he's taken a few too many pitches to the head.

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