iane's oldest and dearest friend, Heather Landon, has just moved to Boston. Diane wants Heather and Sam to become as good friends as Diane is with each of them. Diane gets her wish as Heather likes Sam. However, Sam construes Heather's friendliness toward him as not so harmless flirting. In other words, Sam thinks Heather is hitting on him, and tells Diane as much. Diane, who doesn't believe it, wants to clear the air and in turn directly asks Heather. Heather, not offended by the question from her friend, says that she would never risk her friendship with Diane over a man. Sam is relieved at Heather's admission and is looking forward to having a beautiful woman as just a friend, a first in his life. However, Carla convinces Diane that Sam's initial instinct about Heather is correct. The more Diane thinks about it and as she watches Sam and Heather together, Diane may only be able to take so much before her thoughts of a dalliance between the two gets the better of her. Meanwhile, Coach gets a guard dog as security for the bar, but first they have to learn to tame the wild beast.

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