am and Diane are having an intimate night at Diane's apartment when the Coach barges in on them. Although they are at a crucial time in their relationship, they ultimately let the Coach stay for the evening as they realize they have the rest of their lives together and the Coach is all alone. However this night is just the start of the Coach joining them in on everything without them even asking him. To get him off on his own, Sam and Diane, with the help of Carla and the rest of the gang, try and set him up with a woman that he has admitted that he likes. After they finally find out who she is, Sam and Diane go on a double date with the Coach and Katherine. They end up back at Diane's place for an after dinner coffee, where the Coach and Katherine seem to be having a good time. The Coach offers to escort Katherine home, or so he says. He drops her off at the bus stop and comes back to Diane's alone, saying to Sam and Diane that Katherine, as nice as she is, doesn't fit in with their threesome. Figuring they have no other option, Sam and Diane have to decide whether to be blunt with Coach and risk hurting his feelings, or have Coach as a permanent third in their relationship.

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