fter a workplace dispute between Diane and Carla puts Sam in an awkward position, Diane decides that it might be best if she no longer worked at the bar for the betterment of her and Sam's relationship. After two weeks of no bites, Diane finally gets a job as a proofreader at a small publishing company, pending a good reference from her last employer (Sam). During the reference discussion, Sam and Diane find out that her prospective new employer only has sex on his mind. Once again without a job or any other prospects that haven't included sexual favors, Diane is asked by Sam to return to the bar. However she comes to the conclusion that the situation at Cheers is no different than what she has faced in her job search: she is not the best employee and is the boss' girlfriend. Sam counters that he too feels used since Diane's original motives for wanting to work there were solely to bed Sam. For both to regain their professional dignities, they vow that her return would include a set period of solely a professional relationship between the two. Now, how long would it take for each to regain their dignity? With others in the bar, Norm and Vera break-up. Vera tests the dating waters while Norm pretends to do so.

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