espite not usually into such things, Sam has agreed to play in a charity baseball game. The gang at the bar soon find out why: the opposing team is comprised of Playboy Playmates. Sam is relishing the fact of having his cake and eating it too. But beyond the Playmates, he is taking this game seriously, practicing his pitching with Carla. On game day, he blows the Playmates away with eighteen strike-outs and a 7-0 final score. He's thrilled that his baseball arm is back. But the Playmates are now mad at him and did not come back to the bar after the game as they said they would. Although Sam stands up for what he did, Diane puts it into perspective for him: he would rather beat the Playmates than to sleep with them. With that, he realizes that he is a sick man with his competitiveness. However, upon further discussion, Sam exposes the fact that Diane is just as competitive. They compete to see who is less competitive. This culminates in an all-night ping-pong game. The question is: when will the competition end?

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