aula Nelson, a beautiful and intellectual reporter for Boston Scene magazine, is doing a story on the Boston single's scene. While at Cheers, she interviews Sam for her story. Sam being Sam, hits on her, but his womanizing approach gets him nowhere with her. He realizes that to get anywhere with her, he has to think like Diane. Although initially turned off by Sam, Paula eventually decides to go out with him based on his Diane-isms. She even agrees to go away with him for the weekend, to someplace that he once took Diane. Meanwhile, Diane and Frasier are having a tiff partly on what Frasier sees as Sam's attempts to win her back; this argument places Diane in a vulnerable emotional state. Diane is impressed by the new Sam she sees, the one who has a new passion for the arts, although she does not know that he is only using this information gleaned from her to impress Paula. A series of misunderstandings makes Diane believe that Sam wants to get back into a relationship with her, when in reality Sam is only interested in sleeping with Paula. Despite being in a relationship with Frasier, Diane thinks long and hard about getting back with Sam. Will Diane figure out that she and Sam are currently pursuing two different things before she opens herself back up to him?

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