o the amazement of the guys at the bar, Cliff is boasting that a woman, Lynette Cahill, that he met in Florida has been sending him love letters, and he even produces at least the envelope from one of those letters. Is Cliff telling the truth about Lynette's relationship to him? Even more amazing, at least to Carla, is that Drusilla Dimeglio, Carla's evil principal from her childhood days at St. Clete's School for Wayward Girls, is sitting in the bar. Or at least she thinks it's her. Carla vowed vengeance on the woman who caused her childhood to be a living hell. But it's been twenty years since Carla's seen her, and so for confirmation, she calls in some of her friends from her St. Clete's days. Not only don't they think it's her, they don't really care. So Carla's on her own. Alone at the end of the evening with the mystery woman, Carla does find out if the woman is indeed the dreaded Drusilla Dimeglio. With all this pent up anger, Carla may attempt to exact her fantasy revenge of shaving the evil one's head regardless.

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