n what turns out to be a less than romantic dinner date for Frasier and Diane due to some unfortunate circumstances concerning the renowned restaurant's longtime chef/owner, Frasier, regardless, decides to go ahead with his plan to ask Diane to marry him. He has made arrangements for the ceremony to take place the following day at a romantic Florentine estate. Caught off guard by the question, Diane, who still has feelings for Sam, tries one last ditch attempt to get some sort of commitment from him by calling him at Cheers. Without directly asking for that commitment, Diane tells Sam of Frasier's proposal. Sam is unable to give Diane that commitment since he believes she called just to gloat about her happiness. So Diane accepts Frasier's proposal. In the sober realization of the post telephone call, Sam thinks that he made a big mistake by not telling Diane not to marry Frasier. He impulsively decides to fly to Florence to stop the wedding. However, a piece of new technology in Sam's office may inadvertently place a kibosh on a Sam/Diane happy ending.

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