am dumps his latest conquest, Maxine, because she has just told him she's married. Even Sam has his standards. After everyone has left the bar for the night, Maxine's husband, Marvin, comes by the bar brandishing a gun, threatening to kill the man who is cheating with his wife. Sam reasons with Marvin, telling him that he didn't know she was married and when she told him, he ended things with her. Marvin finally admits to himself that Maxine is, in his own words, indeed a "tramp". Marvin is a bit despondent, but Sam manages to get the gun away from him. Thinking that it would be safer there, Sam starts to put the gun in his back pocket when the gun goes off - Sam has shot himself in the butt. The next day, Sam comes into the bar with a cane, limping. He tells everyone at the bar of being held up at the bar last night, fighting off the assailant, and getting shot in the leg after which the assailant runs off. Everyone in the bar think Sam's a hero. As Sam's story changes slightly, Diane smells something fishy. In private, she finds out the truth from Sam when Maxine comes to the bar. Sam asks Diane not to blow his story, to which she agrees, however she does warn him that lies can backfire. The lie gets bigger when the media gets wind of the false story, which may ultimately reignite Marvin's anger. Meanwhile, Norm, looking to sell his house, is in negotiation with Cliff. During the negotiation, everyone finds out that Cliff still lives at home with "Ma".

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