other and daughter, Irene and Sue Blanchard, come into the bar for a drink. There is an intense and immediate eye contact between Coach and Irene, following which Coach says to Sam that he is going to marry her. Needing some support and a distraction for daughter Sue, Coach asks Sam to come with him to introduce themselves. Despite the fact that Sue is not Sam's type, he agrees to support Coach. Following introductions, Sue apparently is not attracted to Sam either, which makes Sam now interested in getting her to go out with him. With Coach and Irene, there is a sense of nervousness on Coach's part but Irene seems equally as interested him. After three weeks of dating, Coach announces to everyone in the bar that he is going to ask Irene to marry him, they who are happy about this news and wish him good luck. The Coach takes Irene aside in the bar and in a roundabout way asks her, to which she says...

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