arla is the bar's resident sports trivia buff, and takes on all comers. Woody thinks he's up to the challenge and tries to memorize all in Carla's sports book. He ultimately goes just a little too far in his studying. Diane is doing some studying of her own. She is taking a psychology course on human sexuality, and is racking her brain to come up with an interesting term paper topic. Sam figures that sex is his area of expertise, and thus offers to be Diane's term paper subject. She's a bit reluctant at first due to their past sexual history, but Sam is so adamant, she agrees. Without Sam's knowledge, she writes a paper on Don Juanism. The paper gets raves from her professor, who thinks it's publishable. His only reservations are that "Trevor" - the name she's given Sam in her paper - is too perfect an example of the subject that he could be construed as being made up. In getting the paper published, Diane has to decide whether to divulge Sam as Trevor, which could open up Sam's less than satisfying sexual life from a clinical perspective to public scrutiny. Meanwhile, Cliff is growing more, in his mind, specialty vegetables. Instead of a potato look-a-like of Richard Nixon, he's now got a squash with what he deems has a map of the Hawaiian Islands on it.

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