rasier is taking stock of his relationship, or ex-relationship with Diane, and although he wants to move on, he isn't dealing with it very well. He and Diane get into several words, none of them kind. Frasier tries to take some solace - very little solace at that - by "hanging out with the guys" who are watching football on this typical Sunday. Woody is having the best time as this week will be the third in a row that he will have won the bar's football pool. Norm offhandedly muses about how much money Woody would have won through real betting. Woody feels mentally ready to do so, and asks Sam, who knows a bookie, to place a $1,000 bet for him, that amount his life savings. Sam is reluctant to do so, even more so when he sees that many of Woody's picks are underdogs, but does agree when Woody seems determined to find anyone to do it for him. The next week, everyone is surprised that Woody actually won his bet, netting him $10,000. But an act by Sam may threaten those winnings, which perhaps can be solved by a certain car or a certain song.

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