fter a disastrous date with a colleague named Dr. Lilith Sternin, Frasier is once again despondent about his lack of luck with women. The guys think that Sam could throw Frasier one of his so-called castaways, and quickly Sam comes up with Candi Pearson as the perfect person to help Frasier out out his slump. Candi is a simple, fun loving gal, who is glad to help out Frasier, especially after she meets him and sees that he's got such a great forehead! But Frasier doesn't want either Sam or Candi's charity or pity, that is until Sam and Candi explain to him that they thought that Candi and Frasier could just have some fun. Frasier does leave the bar with her for a date. Diane is incredulous that Frasier would go out on a date with a woman such as Candi, someone obviously intellectually and socially lower than Frasier. The next day, Frasier and Candi come back into the bar announcing that they're getting married, and they want the wedding ceremony to happen at the bar that evening. Between now and the "I do's", will anything happen to stop Frasier and/or Candi from taking this impetuous step?

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